A Corrupt Tree The Lord Does All These Things Part 6 The Lord Does All These Things Part 5 Belief : The Work of God Was Jesus helpless in Matthew 23:37? The Lord Does All These Things Part 4 The Lord Does All These Things Part 3 The Lord Does All These Things Part 2 The Lord Does All These Things Part 1 Knowledge is delivered to the Heart by the hand of God The Father What do you hear these scriptures say? What Keeps God From Saving Whom He Wants To Save? YHWH, The Father, The Son, The Spirit, make alive whom He wills Jesus The I AM is coming in His Glory and His Father’s Glory Not Believing The Power of God unto Salvation Knowing The True God And Jesus Christ Whom He Sent Means You Have Eternal Life They weren’t given Knowledge Is Faith a Gift from God? He Turned Their Heart God so loved The Apostle Paul’s Prayer Part 2 God Hardens Whom He Wills None Seek After The True God The King of Assyria Boasts The Promise To Save His People Scripture interpreting Scripture “ALL” The Will of The Unregenerate God does All His Desires Given by God The Father God’s Word Accomplishes All His Desires Is Faith a Gift from God? Romans 9 Who is going to be saved?The Prayer of The Apostle Paul The Children of Promise counted for a Seed God will have mercy on whom He wills and hardens… I Stand at the Door and Knock The Cross of Jesus Christ“Jehovah’s Witnesses” Joseph Smith’s Testimony Led By The Spirit Santa Claus belongs to Natural Man Jesus Christ is The TRUTH God reveals The Truth Free Will God’s Power, The Gospel Jehovah, The I AM, Jesus God’s Sovereignty Did Adam and Eve have Freewill ? Repentance God raised up Pharaoh God Desires All Men Saved Jehovah gave King of Bashan (Giant) Jehovah hardened Sihon Freewill and Natural man Gospel Power of God unto Salvation God so loved God’s Gospel Promise Wicked Slave True Knowledge Of the Gospel of Christ Believers boast in The Cross Of Christ False Teachers Jesus The I AM Scripture “Your Word is Truth”, “I am The Way and The Truth and The Life”, The Scriptures speak of Him, All Scripture is God breathed…”

A Corrupt Tree

If only God is good as stated in scripture, Luke 18:19 then, does that mean Adam’s descendants by nature are evil? Does this infer that only the Holy Spirit is good since God is Spirit John 4:24 and anyone without the Spirit of God dwelling in them cannot do anything pleasing to God? The scriptureContinue reading “A Corrupt Tree”


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